The First Course is Served…

And, so it begins… finally.

My Head = A Revolving List of Ingredients

After countless Twitter/Facebook-filled updates on what I’ve cooked (or destroyed), eaten (or choked-down) and bought (or wished I didn’t), I’ve made the commitment to one place you can find it, easily.

My followers/friends, though, should not think that my social statuses will be without a mention of food, or what to do with it. Weep, if you must, or grab a pen, a plate and a big napkin, and then read on.. and on.. and on.

Here you’ll find:

Recipes – whether you want them or not.
Reviews – only the positive kind.
Tips – at least one with each post.
Pictures – so you’ll hire me to cook what you see.
Lessons Learned – not everything I make gets rave reviews. Trust me, I’ve thought about buying stock in Hefty Bags.

I want your input, too. Comment, a lot. Ask me to figure out a way to use a certain ingredient, request ideas for a shindig or just make it clear you need help finding a way to like something specific. Brussels Sprouts, anyone??

You may not learn anything, or maybe you will. Either way, my hope is to keep you amused and hungry. Ready??

For now, though, I’m gone dishing!


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