Lessons Learned

     We begin with a moment of silence.. or at the very least, a moment of sheer annoyance. My favorite contestant, Mary Beth, was kicked off of Food Network Star Sunday night. Her personality was top-notch. Her food looked/sounded wonderful, but according to the selection committee, it lacked flavor and proper execution. I believe she had “it” and could’ve gone far. What do I know?
      Now, back to regularly scheduled food fun.
     As I’ve already written, not everything I make gets rave reviews.
     Case in point: Sunday’s dessert. I had leftover rice (see Katy’s Chicken and Rice from previous entry), so I decided to concoct an Earl Gray rice pudding. I infused coconut milk and heavy cream with the tea leaves and added a few more yummies to it. Unfortunately, I believed that there was more liquid than rice, so I added another package of already cooked brown rice. It cooled to become a thick cup of rice with decent flavor. There was no creaminess. I was told it looked like a Rice Krispies Treat. Lesson learned. But, that, dear readers, is what I do. I experiment and have fun. If it works, great. If not, I learned something. Next time, less rice is more.
     I also learned how to fry okra. Coming from New York and ultimately Florida, fried okra wasn’t something I’d usually have. We got a nice bag of freshly picked okra from a family garden. I sliced it up and put it all into a bath off eggs, heavy cream and pepper.
     Then, in a resealable bag I put yellow corn meal, flour, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, salt and pepper… Combined the wet okra with the dry mix, fried it all in canola oil and then salted it all as it cooled. YUM. The okra remained bright green, but had a crunchy, salty coat with a kick.
     So excited for my next trial-and-error in the kitchen. That means, for now, I’m gone dishing – with hopes of a new recipe headed your way soon!
     Tip: Keep fast food condiments… well, most of them. Last night’s dinner was a stuffed pork tenderloin that I glazed with a few packets of duck sauce from the nearby Chinese Restaurant. I also use packets of Chinese hot mustard in my egg and chicken salads. I won’t keep the soy sauce because it’s loaded with sodium and I always have a bottle of the low sodium kind in the fridge. I’ve also used taco sauce packets for nachos or a homemade taco salad.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    We are just now getting our first batches of okra from our garden! We fried some up on Saturday night… I use a dry mixture much like yours, but instead of egg and cream, I make a faux buttermilk by putting a tablespoon of vinegar in a cup of milk. I make my own because I never use an entire container of buttermilk when I buy it at the store! Delish!

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