Better than a Blanket

Eating can really be like a big hug.

Of course, if  the food doesn’t taste good or it’s spoiled, it can feel like a choke hold or a kick in the hard-boiled eggs. But, let’s focus on the hug, want to?

My Aunt Karen texted me this photo tonight. She says she got her kids in the kitchen after reading my blog. Wow. I love that. What’s better is that my cousin Lea is making chicken cutlets. That’s a dish that I can remember making with my grandmother. Dipping the chicken in the egg and then in the Italian bread crumbs. By the end of it, I had big yellowish breaded nubs on my finger tips. I always felt like E.T. minus the Reese’s Pieces.

The photo makes me feel like this blog is worth it. Thanks, Aunt Karen!

Are you feeling all warm and toasty yet?

Good. Now, think of your favorite comfort food. Is it mac & cheese? Meatloaf? Chicken noodle soup? Mashed potatoes?

All good choices – so, don’t worry.

But, I think my favorite identification came from the man I eat with every day. While we were sitting in a Thai restaurant, sweating over our dishes of pineapple and pepper infused curry, he said, “THIS is my comfort food!”. I mean, c’mon. That’s brilliant. And he’s right. Every time I eat ethnic food, whether it be chicken tikka, chile rellenos or Pad Thai, I feel a sense of warmth, ease and relaxation. It’s really broadened my spectrum of comfort food, a hug on a plate.

So, here comes this:

After going out to eat, because cooking would’ve just intensified our hunger, I came home and banged out chicken curry for tomorrow night’s dinner. Can’t wait. It’ll be like the heating pad to soothe the stress of a long day at work!

Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of a rotisserie chicken. For anywhere from $4.99-$7.99, you can make meals easy and yummy. Remove the skin and you have a versatile vehicle. Dice up the meat (dark too, when mixed with white, you can’t tell the difference) and use it to make chicken salad. Shred it up and top a salad, use it as a stuffing for poblanos or fill a corn tortilla, then add a dollop of salsa verde and a squirt of lime and you’ll get one tasty taco. You could even use it in a curry dish, like the one to the right!


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