Let’s Dish…

If I could, I’d have each of you over for a huge party… or better yet… a cooking party. But, we wouldn’t be eating sardines, we’d just feel like them. My kitchen is nice, but it’s not ready for a big crowd.

I’m not a trained chef, but as you know, I love to cook, be creative and share my ideas. A cooking class is something I’d like to think I could teach, but probably not. I mean, I couldn’t show you how to bone a chicken, scale a fish or harvest caviar. You would, however, know your way around a kitchen and the foods most of us love.

No, this isn’t where I offer you an 800 number and solicit 6 easy payments of $46.23. And if it was, shipping & handling would be free. What is handling anyway?

What I can handle is your requests for help, ideas or advice. Free of charge.

So, let’s have it. What do you want to know? What ingredient can’t you figure out how to use? Need a way to spice up a dull dish?

Please don’t ask me to castrate a bull and make nutty Crème brûlée or amputate the suction cups from an octopus and combine them with squid ink to make a sticky soup.

Give me your real requests and I’ll process them and give you recipes with pictures.

Ready. Set. Go dishing!


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  1. tracy atwood says:

    Love it. Not sure I have questions about recipes, per se. But I’d love to know what is in your kitchen supply that you just can’t live without AS WELL AS some less often, but just as loved items.

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