The More You Eat, The More You’ll Toot… Your Own Horn!

I’m a big fan of beans… And that makes Glade a big fan of me.

Seriously, though. Beans really are magical.

I’m not talking about the sugary, syrupy staple to every potato salad stacked picnic, either. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good baked bean.. Even the kind that comes from Boston.

My pantry is never without a can of beans… Plain beans. Garbanzo, black and cannellini are my favorites. Garbanzos (chick peas) aren’t just for hummus… I love them on a salad. Black beans are great for dip (see my black bean pizza post), salads, tacos or as a side dish…cooked with cumin, red onion and some orange or lime juice. Cannellini beans, basically a white kidney bean, are great for dips and pureeing for a side dish… I even added them to a chunky pasta sauce.

Of course, almost every bean is great for soup.

This isn’t about texture or getting even with your significant other. Beans are good for you… They’re packed with fibre, and even protein.

This week I puréed cannellini beans with a roasted red pepper. I added some chicken stock, lemon juice and spices. The mixture was the perfect bed to slow-cooked chicken breast dotted with Sriracha.

I like the purée because it’s a tasty swap for mashed potatoes. You get the creaminess, the heartiness and a punch of flavor, but not the carb-crammed starch bomb. Try it.

Or.. Mix a can of beans with a boiled potato, then purée… You’ll get the best of both worlds, with an added health benefit.

Just make sure you rinse your canned beans thoroughly. They’re covered in a salty solution.

I haven’t branched out into cooking raw beans.. I will soon, though. It’s a challenge, especially because raw kidney beans can be poisonous if not boiled rigorously for 10 minutes during the cooking process… Yikes!

Tell me about your bean brilliance…

Tip: Use a jar of salsa for a quick chili. Dump it in a pot, add a few cans of (different beans) and some chili powder, boil, simmer… Bam. No-chop chili.


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  1. claresa says:

    “beans are really magical”…love it!!! I wish I believed it though. I’ve always hated them. I used to swallow them like pills growing up. Now I tend to keep my distance. But I think my taste buds may be changing. I had some good chicken tortilla soup with black beans recently and they didn’t bother me. So I may give them a try in your quick chili recipe.

    1. gonedishing says:

      If you try the chili, let me know who you think… The good thing about it is you can add as many beans as you’d like. If you go light on the beans, try adding ground beef or shredded rotisserie chicken!

  2. Kim Deal says:

    Okay, I just got caught up on your last few entries. It makes me want to eat everything in sight! I have a feeling the miles I ran this morning are going to get canceled out later today. 🙂

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