Another Nearby Friend From France

On the way to the French bakery I’ve already raved about, there’s another piece of Paris.

Can you believe it?

This place is called Mon Amie, or my friend, for those of you who only speaka-the-English.

We got to the door and a server opened it for us, then invited us inside. Nice.

The place is cute. It resembles the Parisian cafe tucked away in the delicious depths of my imagination.

Right in the middle is a crepe bar! You can sit around it and watch them turn batter into delicately light, paper-thin, cloud-like envelopes.

We opted for a table. You’re in close quarters to your noshing neighbors!

They serve breakfast all day. Their lunch menu includes a few varieties of crepes, sandwiches and salads. The server brings a little chalk board to the table to share the specials.

I got the California BLT crepe: black pepper bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cheeses, hot chow chow (spicy relish) and a drizzle of a ranch dill sauce. This was packed full of flavor, especially a briney bite and a zesty zing from the chow chow.

I also ordered a side of the Fabulous Frites: a paper cone filled with crispy thin-cut fries, seasoned with herbes de Provence (typically savory, fennel, basil, thyme, & lavender).

Our server asked if I wanted Brie cheese (soft, creamy) melted on top. I asked for her opinion, and I got a loud, “YUM!” from her… I had to do it, and I’m glad I did! Crunchy, salty, creamy, and frequent visits from the floral notes of the herb blend. I also gotta hint of seasoned salt. It’s a large portion, and because of the Brie, it ran about $4.

My partner in cuisine crime ordered a staple, the Monte Cristo. Again, we got a, “YUM!” from our server. For this sandwich, you get the makings of a club, but with French toast in the role normally played by traditional bread. There’s also a cup of maple syrup for dipping. There are many versions of a Monte Cristo. Some are dipped in egg and fried. This one wasn’t.

Then, she brings around the dessert tray. I could kick myself for not getting a picture.

There were cheesecakes, mousse, cream-filled pizzelles (a cookie that resembles a thin waffle), and the multi-layer crepe cake. To do that, they alternate between crepes and an apricot-honey filling. Our server explained that the cheesecake was wonderful, but she made it clear that the small piece we saw was all we’d get for almost $7. I love honesty from a server. They are your best resource. They know the secrets… Trust them.

They also offer a small menu of dessert crepes. The Meyer lemon & blueberry almost got me!

Sadly… we skipped dessert. Pick your jaw up off the table, please. Our entrees were big and we just couldn’t fit more, Ok?

At Mon Amie in Spartanburg, the food is as good as the name. You really do feel like a friend as soon as you get to the door!

Tip: If your first experience at a restaurant seems stellar, stop and think about what you’d want to try on your next trip. If you can’t come up with an answer, your experience probably wasn’t that great. If you can’t choose something because there are too many dishes calling your name, then you know you’ve got a winner. Keep all this in the back of your mind. It’ll help you make up your mind the next time you’re arguing over where to (or not to) eat. I want to go back to Mon Amie just for dessert!


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  1. Hopefully I get by there soon!

    1. gonedishing says:

      Please tell me if you do!

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