All Up In My Grill

When I bought my house, my dad and stepmom bought me a grill.

At first, I considered the beautifully constructed, faux-stone covered monstrocity to be hell on wheels: Propane leaks! Explosions! Third degree burns!

It took me a while to look past the health hazards and see the treasure-trove of charred choices that would fill my daily dinner menu.

This year, I had to get a new grill. I killed the old one… better than it killing me, right? RIGHT?

Once I got over my fiery fears, deciding what to grill became my biggest issue.

If I decided on hotdogs, I’d get a hankering for a hamburger.

I mean, you can usually be happy with just chicken, or only pork chops, and turf typically reels in the surf. Plus, those grilled goodies usually guarantee an ear of corn or another veggie basking on the barbie. That’s enough for me.

But, I just can’t settle for a hotdog OR a hamburger. They’re both so good. Their textures are different, but somehow tickle your tongue with the same Summer satisfaction.

When you’re cooking for two, or even four, it’s hard to put a whole package of dogs on the grill and squeeze in a pound and a half of ground beef that’s been packed into patties.

So, I thought, why not combine them?

I made my hamburdogger.

You can use half a package of hotdogs and half a package of ground beef. Freeze what’s left for next time.

Two hamburdoggers took up two dogs and close to a 1/2 pound of lean ground beef.
I nuked the dogs for about 35 seconds. They’re already cooked, but it gave me a little more comfort knowing that it got a little direct heat.

Season your ground beef (I use an egg, dashes of worcestershire sauce & balsamic vinegar, 1 or 2 grated garlic cloves, onion powder, salt & pepper), flatten it out, put the dog in the middle and wrap it up.

Throw ’em on the grill and you’re good to go.

There are so many possibilities here. You can add onions, relish or even cheese in your pup-filled package.

I didn’t use a bun for mine, but you can certainly get a hoagie roll (a regular hotdog bun would be too small) and load it up.

This killed two cravings at once. You get the char and flavors from the burger and the richness of the dog all in one bite. It may break apart a bit if you go the knife-and-fork route, like I did, but it’s still worth it.

It might seem like a lot to eat, but think about it. One of these with no bun, or one hotdog and a bun, and one hamburger and a bun. Plus, ALL that ketchup, mustard, cheese, etc.

This is grilling wham-bam-thank you-ma’am style. Try it!

Tip: If you have a Cook Out franchise near you, try the fresh watermelon shake. It’s only around in July and August. I was afraid at first, fearing the flavor of a watermelon Jolly Rancher (which is good, but a little too artificial for a shake). This was Summer swirled around in a styrofoam cup. I got chunks of real watermelon, and a few seeds! I tasted the natural sweetness and enjoyed the tender texture of the watermelon. It took over the richness of the ice cream. I love that. I didn’t feel like I was drinking a slushy or smoothie, either. Go for it. And if you don’t have a Cook Out close by, cry yourself to sleep, and when you wake up, make your own shake with REAL seedless watermelon and some vanilla ice cream. You could even throw in some chocolate chips for a few “seeds”.



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