Must-Try: Chocolate Zabaglione

If fondue and mousse courted, married, and honeymooned in paradise this would be their first born.

It’s light, airy yet creamy, and ridiculously decadent.

I’ll warn you. This recipe by my girl, Giada DeLaurentiis, is a bit challenging. You have to beat the crap out of several egg yolks.

Her recipe calls for four minutes of whisking over a double boiler. It must be a typo. Or maybe she timed Arnold Schwarzenegger doing it. I whisked, then had to use an electric hand mixer to finish the job. It took probably 10 minutes, if not more, to increase the volume. So don’t give up.

If anything, I learned that I really need to build my biceps before hitting culinary school of any kind. I’ve heard stories about non-stop hand-whisking. I think I’d be down and giving them 20 more often than I care to talk about.

I poured the chocolate zabaglione over freshly pitted cherries. If you like chocolate-covered cherries this will send you to cloud 9.. thousand.

First we had it warm. It was comforting, to say the least. The next night we had it cold (you can’t reheat it). It was thick, and luscious. I can’t pick one over the other. I loved it both ways.

This dessert just makes you feel sophisticated. I promise.

I think I’ll be making traditional zabaglione (no chocolate) to pour over freshly picked peaches. Drooling….

Tip: When you’re in the mood to cook, but don’t know what to make, blow the dust off your cookbooks. Pick a few and dig for inspiration. Just suck it up and make a recipe that grabs your attention. That’s how I ended up making the chocolate zabaglione!


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