Mostess Hostess Cake

When Hostess said, ‘stick a toothpick in me I’m done,’ I had this instant fit of sadness. No more Twinkies? No more CupCakes? Ding Dongs are dead?

Then it hit me.

I hadn’t had a Twinkie in 10 years, give or take 10 more.

But I knew they were there when, or if, I had to have one.

Truth be told, I really only craved Drakes Cakes, a staple in the Northern states. Have you ever had a Devil Dog? It’ll change your life.

Since I couldn’t get Drakes where I was living, I turned to Hostess and Little Debbie.

There’s just something about seeing those little individually wrapped snack cakes on a store shelf when your mouth is watering for anything that’ll spark a sugar coma.

As soon as I heard Hostess was headed to that big oven in the sky, I started searching the stores hoping to find a box of Twinkies hidden behind an infantry-like line-up of toilet bowl cleaner. Or maybe there was one petite package securely tucked behind the motor oil in some out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere gas station. Surely someone stashed some away thinking they’d go unnoticed. Nope.

Just when I thought my non-existent love affair with that golden yellow, cream-filled springy cylinder would go unfulfilled forever, word hit that Hostess treats would make a comeback. I celebrated, until I remembered that I was excited to have something I hadn’t wanted to have in some 10 years.

Still, it was a sense of security. The iconic snack cake was coming back. Americans could hold their heads high, and their Ding Dongs even higher.

On a routine romp around the grocery store, I saw a big display of Twinkies, Donettes, and CupCakes. I grabbed a box of the golden goodies and rushed home, kind of like I.. err… people did during the great Beanie Baby craze of the 90s.

My partner in cuisine crime was happy and surprised to see what I had. We were both so happy that we split a Twinkie that night. One Twinkie. We didn’t eat another one.

Having that beloved box in the pantry got my meal motor running. What could I do with the cakes? How could I use them? Would we eat them?

Since we weren’t paying our respects to the return of the Twinkie, I found one way to celebrate the company that introduced it to us.

Behold my Mostess Hostess Cake.

It’s a combination of the CupCake (moist chocolate cake, topped with chocolate ganache and an iconic icing squiggle)…

the Sno Ball (cream-filled chocolate cake surrounded by marshmallow and pink coconut)….

and the Twinkie.

You start with a chocolate cake batter and bake 4 Twinkies into it.

You do it in a square pattern so every slice of the cake gets a piece of the Twinkie.

The finished cake is topped with a homemade chocolate ganache. The sides are covered in marshmallow icing and pink coconut (sweet shredded coconut dyed with a mixture of water and red food coloring).

For a final touch, I used melted white chocolate chips to make the signature squiggle that tops the ganache.

Don’t worry. This monstrosity is as sinful as it sounds.

It’s rich, moist, decadent, and filled with an array of textures.

The biggest problem, if you want to call it that, is the Twinkies and how the bottoms over-baked just a tad. Then there’s the fact that the Twinkie cream dissipates into the cake. So you’re left with hollow Twinkies.

Do I expect you to make this? No (Yes, definitely). Is it a novelty? Yes.

Did it get Jenny Craig an instant case of the shakes? Yes.

When I took my first bite, I could feel the elliptical upstairs fall apart on its own.

Will I make this all the time? No. If anything, it’s a fun birthday cake.

If I did do it again, I’d probably leave out the Twinkies or bake the cake without them, and then cut out the center and lay in 4 Twinkies, then pour the ganache over them.

Should Hostess, or its treats, leave us once again I’ll be able to take comfort in the memory of this cake, and the 15 pounds I gained every time I looked at it.

Even if you don’t make this masterpiece on your own, let it prove to you that food, and the process of making it, has to be about having fun.

You can find my recipe here.

Tip: Invest in a cake stand. I spent years using a plain ol’ plate, and it never seemed to work. I found a stand and cover that doubles as a chips and dip tray, and I love it. The cake gets the coverage it deserves. I hate using toothpicks to prop up plastic wrap or foil. My stand and cover let the cake stand alone in a spotlight it deserves.


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  1. Mike,
    You consistently amaze me. Creativity to a new level! YUM! ML

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