Dragon Fruit!

Whenever I’m in the grocery store I end up in a focused fit.

I’m either concentrated on sales, ingredients or a list of what I need for the next meal.

My last visit was wrapped around that night’s dinner. We were having chicken tacos. I need tortillas and tortilla chips. I got all the produce I needed at the farmers’ market, but at the last minute I decided to check on the price of avocados.

I was heading directly to the avocado section when a basket caught my eye.

Keep in mind I was in Publix, not some some specialty store.

I couldn’t believe it. The sign read, “Dragon Fruit.”

Until that point I’d only seen this masterpiece on “Chopped” on The Food Network.

I was mesmerized.

On the outside they’re magenta and have soft green spikes.

I had to have one, even at $2.99 per fruit.

The excitement was unreal. I’d forgotten all about tacos.

Dragon fruit, also know as pitaya, comes from a cactus. I think that makes it even cooler, no?

Look at it!

Why don’t they make wax ones or a plastic variety? I’d much rather have a bowl of fake dragon fruit than a display of pretend apples. Wouldn’t you?

And if you think the outside is gorgeous, wait till you open it up.

Just cut it in half.

Can you believe it?

When you go beyond the hot pinkish flesh dragon fruit goes all Alice in Wonderland on you.

It’s bright white with tiny black (edible) seeds!

I have a feeling Tim Burton introduced Mother Nature to Beetlejuice at a Halloween party and this was their first born.

The skin isn’t edible, so use a spoon to scoop out the flesh (just like you would an avocado).

Make sure you trim away any remaining threads of skin.

Then cube up the meat and go for it.

You know that whole “don’t judge a book by its cover” crap? Well, I have two words for you: dragon fruit.

I wish the flavor was as magnificent as its costume.

The flesh is pretty bland. It has a very tame melon-like flavor. It’s pretty creamy, though, and kinda reminds me a bit of yogurt.

Truth be told, I think my dragon fruit was overripe by the time I used it. When the soft spikes start to turn brown and crisp up it means that you’ve past its prime.

Still, it was a delicious experience, more so for my eyes, but so what?

Dragon fruit is low in calories and gives you a good dose of antioxidants, vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, and fiber!

If you can find it, try it!

You might get even luckier than I did. Some varieties have bright pink flesh. How cool is that?

Tip: Don’t pull a me and reinvent the wheel with dragon fruit. Just eat it as is. It’s really not meant to be cooked. If anything, add it to a salad.


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  1. Would you believe I have tried it before? Novi buys both Dragon Fruit and Passion Fruit. I will stick with good old apples 🙂 They are beautiful to look at though.

    1. Wow! I’m impressed! Where does she get them? I’ve never had passion fruit.

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