Strawberry Citrus Salad

Every Spring my excitement for strawberries overshadows my sorrow for the dwindling citrus season.It’s so weird. I feel like juicy, bright-colored fruit, like citrus, should be celebrated in the summer. And I guess it is, hello lemonade. Growing up in Florida I took for granted the ability to pluck an orange from the tree whenever…

Strawberry Maple Syrup

At Saturday’s farmers’ market I felt like I’d gone beneath the deck of a pirate ship to find multiple treasure chests overflowing with rubies. Here in South Carolina the strawberry is the gem of the Spring.

Strawberry Cream Eclairs & a Strawberry Tart w/ a Secret Ingredient

The only thing more abundant than pollen right now is the strawberry crop. In our part of South Carolina you can’t miss that sweet sign of Spring. We have a strawberry patch right by our house and there’s the Mecca of berries, Strawberry Hill USA, about 30 minutes away. That place will change your life….