Strawberry Dark Cocoa Crostata with Basil Whipped Cream

It’s strawberry season! We’ve already polished off the first of many overflowing buckets of berries. They’re juicy, as sweet as sugar, and perfect enough to eat on their own. But, it’s so much fun to transform them. Strawberries and chocolate are a phenomenal pair. Strawberries and basil are the Laverne and Shirley of the culinary world….

Strawberry Maple Syrup

At Saturday’s farmers’ market I felt like I’d gone beneath the deck of a pirate ship to find multiple treasure chests overflowing with rubies. Here in South Carolina the strawberry is the gem of the Spring.

Strawberry Cream Eclairs & a Strawberry Tart w/ a Secret Ingredient

The only thing more abundant than pollen right now is the strawberry crop. In our part of South Carolina you can’t miss that sweet sign of Spring. We have a strawberry patch right by our house and there’s the Mecca of berries, Strawberry Hill USA, about 30 minutes away. That place will change your life….

Ingredient Introduction #43 – Agar Agar

For most of my life I never worried what was in the food I’d eat. I just assumed it was safe and good for me. Cheese should come in powder, right? And baked goods are supposed to last forever, aren’t they? As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started reading the list of ingredients on things before…